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Our purpose is to use digital technologies and artificial intelligence to touch as many cancer patients’ lives as possible by supporting pathologists to sign out more accurate and timely pathology reports while working in more efficient anatomic pathology workflows.

Our vision is a world where cancer patients, regardless of location, can benefit from timely and accurate diagnoses enhanced by artificial intelligence and access the best pathology expertise available globally with the help of telepathology.

Virasoft's mission towards our shared vision is to develop, together with pathologists, world-class digital and artificial intelligence solutions that will make pathologists' tasks simpler, faster, and more accurate.  


Our Quality Policy

At Virasoft Corporation, our commitment to improving lives is exemplified through innovative advancements in digital pathology. Product quality and safety are paramount, guiding our actions to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions to healthcare technology.

  • We are committed to following all applicable laws and regulations related to Medical Devices, with a special emphasis on digital pathology standards.

  • Our primary focus is to exceed customer expectations by providing superior products and services that transform cancer diagnostic processes.

  • We maintain a culture of continuous improvement through the effective implementation of our quality system.

  • We foster teamwork among our employees, encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration to drive advancements in digital pathology.

  • We establish and enhance effective communication within the company and with our stakeholders, with a focus on the latest developments and challenges in digital pathology.

Integrated System Policy

Virasoft Corporation is committed to ensuring corporate reputation, reliability, sensitivity to the environment and human health, protection of information assets, and the continuation of essential and supportive business activities with minimal interruption.

In this regard, we commit to:

  • Conducting health, safety, confidentiality, environmental, and social risk analyses according to international standards across all our facilities, creating action plans, and continuously improving our processes.

  • Preserving all information assets against any threat, whether internal or external, intentional or unintentional.

  • Ensuring quality, environmental protection, information security, occupational health and safety, and developing systems to prevent work and environmental accidents and occupational diseases, as well as enhancing customer satisfaction based on risk analyses.

  • Controlling our environmental aspects to protect the natural environment and biological diversity, showing respect for people and the environment, and contributing to sustainable development.

  • Providing comprehensive training to all our employees and subcontractors involved in our operational phases to ensure they achieve the highest level of professional and technical standards, measuring the effectiveness of these training activities, and promoting continuous improvement.

  • Taking measures to prevent pollution, reduce waste, increase recycling rates, and reduce the use of natural resources.

  • Increasing collaboration with neighboring facilities, authorities, and local administrations on Quality, Environment, Information Security, and Occupational Health and Safety, and maintaining the highest level of communication with all stakeholders.

  • Meeting customer requirements completely and on time and taking measures to enhance customer satisfaction within our resource capabilities.

  • Being structured to respond to emergencies, ensuring the safety of our employees, contractors, local community, and environment, and integrating public safety into our operations.

  • Identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and taking necessary actions on risk factors and opportunities that could affect the achievement of company goals within the scope of corporate risk management.

  • Implementing and continuously improving the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 27701, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO 22301 and ISO 45001 standards with the participation of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders.

We aim to create value for all our stakeholders and contribute to sustainable development by implementing the Integrated Management System we have established in line with our vision, mission, strategy, and values, complying with customer and relevant party requirements and legal obligations.

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