Case Studies

Digital Pathology Project at Ankara City Hospital

Ankara City Hospital Pathology is the first digital pathology model among all city hospitals in Turkey. A digital pathology project has been launched in Ankara City Hospital through the partnership between ViraSoft and the Ministry of Health. ViraSoft provides an integrated digital pathology system including image management system, quantitative analysis system, AI-based solutions, consultation system, and education system. Four academic studies are completed, and three academic studies have been continuing since the establishment of the digital pathology system in Ankara City Hospital.

Academic Studies

1. Calculation of diameters of seminiferous tubules in mouse testis

2. Calculation of the diameters of maturation cells in cervical smear slides

3. Determination of the ratio of the vacuolar areas in the fatty liver to the area of the whole tissue

4. Measurement and comparison of brain vessel diameter in patients who have cerebral hemorrhage and healthy individuals

5. Retrospective analysis of reported breast cancer cases with HER2 Score 2:  Comparison of FISH results by three pathologists with ViraPath's FISH and HER2 Analyses

6. Study of detection of ganglion cell in Hirschsprung's disease

7. Study for comparing Ki67 and PHH3 biomarkers in neuroendocrine tumors by two experts and ViraPath


Center of Excellence: Consultation Services Provided by ViraSoft

Ankara City Hospital aims to be the center of high-quality health services for international patients. To serve this purpose, ViraSoft has started contributing to health services with the consultation systems developed by the company. 

Pathologists can analyse any specimen with the help of digital pathology technologies and provide consultation services to another pathologist in another hospital, city, or country.



National Pathology Database Project in Collaboration with the MoH

The partnership between ViraSoft and the Ministry of Health aims to archive pathology reports and images digitally in a nationwide network. It is intended for all pathologists in Turkey to access the cases in the National Pathology Database provided by ViraSoft. This database can serve as a source of rare cases and a guide for scientific research and pathology education.

Case Studies

Digital Pathology Project at Ankara City Hospital

Ankara City Hospital Pathology, brand-new hospital in the capital of Turkey, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, harbors 3704 beds and 65 pathologists where digital pathology is provided by Virasoft.

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Acibadem Hospitals Digital Pathology Project

International Hospital Group, Acibadem, own more than 20 hospitals all around Turkey where Virasoft provides digital pathology systems that optimize the pathology workflow with digital slide management.

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Transforming Medical Education with Virasoft PathoClass

The PathoClass platform functions as an online educational tool, enabling members of İstinye University School of Medicine to effortlessly organize virtual digital pathology courses with efficiency.

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