Pathology Problems
are Solved with Virasoft Services.

Workflow Solution & BI

A pathologist is the key player in the diagnostic process of disease and manages all the operations in a pathology laboratory. Our Workflow & BI solutions help you, monitor these operations for efficient laboratory practice. We can answer for you: At what stage is your case? When will the next case be ready for you to review? How long does it take to complete a certain step?

Decision Support & AI

We know that the diagnostic steps can be as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack and this complexity can cause errors or need for additional time for correct diagnosis.

Our Decision Support & Artificial Intelligence solutions help you get more accurate results in less time with fewer headaches.


Determining the correct diagnosis for some cases can be quite challenging and you may need an expert second opinion. We know that the time is crucial to ask your questions to the right specialist who is confident in her/his expertise in the relevant subspecialty. Our Collaboration solutions connect you with other pathologists in seconds to discuss your cases and their slides.


Pathology is the most comprehensive medical discipline that unites basic and clinical sciences. We know that you need to see lots of cases and do lots of research over the years to obtain sufficient education and experience in such an exhaustive discipline. Our Academic solutions help you throughout your medical and residency education and support you during your academic career.




Virasoft takes the power of important technology companies and is supported by expert catalogs in reputable university hospitals.

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